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710M Hydraulic Breaker

710M Hydraulic Breaker

Suitable Excavator (lb)37479-50706
Operating Weigth (BOX) (lb)4079
Operating Weigth (Skid) (lb)
Required Oil Flow (gal/min)31.7-47.6
Setting Pressure (psi)2987
Operating Pressure (psi)2276-2560
Impact Energy (ft.lbs)4000
Impact Rate (bpm)350-600
Hose Diameter (inch)1
Hose Diameter (Skid) (inch)
Noise Level120
Tool Diameter (inch)5.3


Accumulator absors shocks and fluctautions, improving life-time of hydraulic breakers.
Applicable breakers: from 810M to 1500M.

Valve adjuster controls the speed and power output of hydraulic breaker.
Applicable breakers : from 600M to 1500M

ABF(Anti Blank Firing) system projects main body from idle hammering.
Applicable breakers : 810M to 1500M

Auto greasing system improves productivity and comfort for operators.
Applicable breakers : 810M to 1500M

Long tool pin and round nut increase the life time of front head.
Applicable breakers : All models

On control valve provides sufficient oil flow into the cylinder.
Applicable breakers : All models

Air check valve enables underwater hammering.
Applicable breakers : All models

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